The following links are in the order as I built the trailer.

Click the pictures to go to a larger version.

These are the first parts I ever made in my machine shop. Figured if I could make the wheels, I could probably build the rest.

Building the axle leaf springs.

Fabricating the frame.

Fabricating the mounts for the leaf springs.

Getting the tongue fabricated.

4 Sep 2005

Building the axle.

17 Jan 2006

The hitch. I was mistaken. The wheels were not the worst to make. This thing was.

3 Apr 2006

Building shock obsorbers.

18 Apr 2006

"Treading" (pun intended) into new territory. Using liquid rubber to make a couple of tires!

18 Apr 2006

Starting to look like a trailer now with the cargo box.

15 May 2006

Coming up to the end! Making taillights.

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