Alllllll Riiiiiightyyyy. This looks simple enough to make. A block of brass, a couple of tubes and some washers, right? Nooooooo! Simple things can take a day and a half to make. The shock started out as solid 1/4" round stock. I turned them down to the size I needed and then got the rod mounts made. I soldered the bolt mounts to the shocks and then slid each shock together. After I figured out the correct length for the rod, I center punched it and drilled through the rod for the cotter keys. Here are all the parts that make up a shock mount and shocks. The black o-ring looking things are the grommets for the shocks. I could not find o-rings small enough, so I experimented around and finally found some .032 solder that I bent around a rod, cut them to length and coated them with a black magic marker. They look pretty good. The wire is for the homemade cotter keys.

The bottom shock mount.


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