ARRRRGH! This is impossible! LOL! FINALLY! After four attempts, I got something that I would use on the model. I am not completely happy with the way this turned out, so I might make another one later, but for now, this one will work. I have about 10-12 hours in this one piece. Sorry, I did not get any assembly pics. When I started this on Friday night (13 Jan 06), I went to get the camera and the batteries were dead. After I got rolling on it, I sort of forgot the pictures. Oh well. This was a lesson in patience. However, there are a few things I would do over. One, I want to remake the nut holding the pintle hitch. I want it smaller and I would also like to make it look like a castle nut instead of a regular nut. Second, the two sides are not uniform (looking at it from the back). There are a couple of angle pieces on the bottom that I bent out of 1/32" brass. I wished I had milled these instead out of 360 brass. I think they would have held their shape better. Third, I wished I had milled in some detail on the back side of the center metal section. Mine is plain without any detail.

The bottom view.

The completed item. I think I made another one after this pic was taken though. I don't think this is the one on the trailer.

Another view of the hitch.

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