Now that I am done with school, I am slowly moving all my stuff from my old AngelFire site (which has not been updated since 2005 because I lost all of my fun time. This page is going to probably change as I experiment with different looks. I can't find a website builder program that I like, so I am still doing the html longhand. I'm also running an HTML validation on this and trying to get all the issues fixed.

Click any of the pics to go to that area.

Clausing Mk3a CNC Lathe Conversion

This area documents my conversion of a Clausing Series 100 Mk3a lathe to CNC. This is a 1940s lathe and my original goal was to restore it. After looking desperately for a couple of parts, I finally gave up and decided to CNC it. The project is almost done.

The Models

This section has build photos of the models that I make. I am specializing in Military, Old West, and Civil War 1/8 scale miniatures.

SITE UPDATES (28 Feb 2012):

I'm starting to update the M915A1 model build. Some of the links are screwy so be patient. I should have everything posted by the end of the week or the weekend.

What have I been up to since the last update back in Aug 2006? (UPDATED 25 Jul 2011)

In a word...A LOT...OK...that was two words. After I graduated with the Bachelor degree in 2009, I decided to keep going and got the Masters degree. I am in CA right now and I graduated from school on 23 Jul. I swear I am done with school, but after watching those PhD graduates get called up and being called Doctor, that is getting me thinking now.

I update this site when I feel like it. Sometimes months (and years) can go by because I am busy with other things. I am going to try to get focused on this now.