The lathe is a 1940s Clausing Series 100 Mk3a. My original intentions were to restore this lathe to original but I was missing the original motor, parts of the motor mount and the countershaft was hosed up. After searching for two years, I finally gave up searching. By then, I was starting to look around for a CNC lathe and after looking at the Clausing for a while, I decided it would be cool to have a 1940s CNC lathe. Let the build begin.

For all the old-timers that think I just desicrated a valuable collectible, trust me...when I first started on this, I did it with great hesitation. I still have the manual parts and I am holding onto them until I make sure this works perfectly.

This is mostly what I started with. By the time I took this picture, I had converted the lathe to a variable speed control treadmill motor. This motor has since been replaced with a heavier duty Baldor motor.

Another view of the lathe.
Another view. I went with the link type belt. This made it simple to change the belt as needed as I had to take apart the headstock to change a normal v-belt.
A view of the original stand.

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